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What Does Custom AMP For HTML (Accelerated Mobile Pages Services) Mean?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), is essentially open source HTML that load more quickly than regular HTML5 pages. It duplicates existing web page content to other web pages of the same website. With the use of the rel=amp HTML element, websites can provide AMP pages. There are three AMP configuration levels on a page with AMP code. AMP is intended to speed up page load times and is suited for mobile web browsing.

Thankfully, adoption rates are quickly increasing. The AMP has been used by 31 million domains by the inception of this year. The rate of adoption of AMP and other comparable technologies will significantly increase as SEO continues to migrate away from computer towers and toward mobile screens and other devices. Existing platforms must now help with this transformation.

Benefits of the Accelerated Mobile Pages Features:

  • Desired Ranking

When you are struggling hard for the rank on the 1st page of Google, the AMP can help you get that position. Yes, Amp sites are so designed to show the relevant information to the search engines that fetch you the rank.

  • Easily manageable websites

AMP loaded websites are quite easily handled and makes the navigation most simple one. Required set of words can be easily searched by typing in the search bar only. Thus, it can immediately create 100% impression of the visitors which further helps to establish the online reputation too.

  • Faster loaded website

As mentioned earlier this is the primary aim of including the AMP elements into the websites’ HTML version. Thus, even on mobile, visitors would be experiencing a satisfying experience browsing over the website at a flash speed. All the elements in the web pages are thus modified in desired way to get the fastest loading.

  • Responsive website

It makes your website mobile friendly that is what our next generation prefers. It is high time when searches are more on mobile than on laptop or other such devices. So getting your business website mobile friendly it utmost important. With the AMP codine over PHP websites, it would surely help a great browsing experience over mobile devices.

Wrapping Up With A High Vibe

No doubt this new technologies has been highly appreciated by millions. The numbers are increasing rapidly and surely it would be bringing a new change. Google has already started considering the Accelerated Mobile Pages code in HTML as one of the main factor for ranking and other SEO factors. So whatever existing platform you are now standing upon, make your transition much easier and stable with it. Surely that would be bringing in a great transformation that you could ever imagine.

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