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Top 10 SEO Company in Kolkata Latest Updated

Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, India, stands as a dynamic metropolis immersed in a tapestry of history and cultural amenities. Revered as the “City of Joy,” it seamlessly interweaves its colonial legacy with contemporary vibrancy. Distinctive landmarks such as the Victoria Memorial and Howrah Bridge harmonize with lively shopping districts and modern infrastructure.

The cultural pulse of Kolkata pulsates through literature, arts, and music, while its culinary treasures and gracious hospitality enchant every visitor. Amidst this vibrant tapestry, the city accommodates a burgeoning digital ecosystem, positioning itself as an optimal hub for various businesses, including SEO agencies.

Are you searching for an SEO Company in Kolkata to enhance your business presence? Your quest concludes here. For those readers eagerly seeking the premier SEO company tailored to their business needs, our diligent research and comparison efforts have culminated in the compilation of the top 10 SEO companies in Kolkata.

Before delving into the recommendations, let’s decipher the key criteria for selecting the right SEO company to align with your requirements. With myriad SEO agencies, each excelling in distinct aspects, the following tips aim to guide you in making the optimal choice for your business.

Tips to Select the Best SEO Company for Your Business:

When selecting a prospective agency, it is imperative that they possess a thorough comprehension of your objectives, goals, expectations, and the nuances of your business. Request a demonstration of their strategy to assess whether the company has the capacity to elevate your business to the next level.

Opt for an agency that prioritizes tangible results and is driven by data, rather than relying solely on promises. Prior to entrusting them with your project, scrutinize their search engine ranking, examine their previous client work, and peruse client feedback on platforms like Google Business Profile.

Exercise caution when encountering agencies that guarantee swift attainment of high SEO rankings. Given that SEO is a gradual process, authentic agencies refrain from making unrealistic promises about rapid results.

Select an SEO agency with a pricing plan that strikes a balance between competitiveness and quality. Avoid extremes – agencies that are overly expensive or surprisingly cheap may not be the optimal choice.

In consideration of these guidelines, we’ve curated a list of the top 10 SEO companies for your business. Without further ado, let’s delve into the details.

Top 10 SEO Companies in Kolkata:


SK Web World is a Kolkata-based web design & SEO company founded in 2011. We offer the best digital marketing services to our clients all over India in the form of web designing, content development, graphic designing, etc.

Experienced and specializing in Search Engine Optimization(On-Page, Off-Page – Directory Submission, Article Submission, Local Business Submission, Classified Submission, Forum Posting, Blog Posting, XML, HTML Site Map Generation, ROR File Generation, Google Place Optimization, Link Wheeling, Social Media Optimization.

Services Offered

  • Enterprise SEO
  • SEO Reseller Service
  • Multi-Lingual SEO
  • E-Commerce SEO
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • WordPress SEO Services
  • Local SEO
  • Google Map Optimization

Agency Highlights 

  • Experienced team
  • Desired results
  • Integrity
  • Rate with 1200+ top-page rankings
  • Full-scale SEO Audit of Website
  • Advanced Keyword Research and On-Page SEO
  • Quality Link Building with 85% Do follow Links
  • Get Surprise Deals on SEO packages!

Contact Details





Facebook ID

Instagram ID

Twitter ID

+91 9836642543 / +91 8697308474

1 No. Debigarh, Sodepur Rd (East), Madhyamgram, Landmark – State Bank of India, Madhyamgram Branch, Kolkata – 700129, West Bengal, India.

DigiWebArt – Your Trusted SEO Partner of Kolkata

Digiwebart was founded in 2011 and since then our company has grown dramatically. We are a team of professional graphic designers, web developers & digital marketing experts, with different specialties in the development industry. We understand every hue of customer requirements. We provide full-featured web services including B2B, B2C, and e-commerce solutions, and acting as an offshore development center for overseas development firms.

ViaPocket Solutions

ViaPocket Solutions was founded by Mr. Sanjay Gupta, an alumnus of Air Force School (BKP) Kolkata with an MBA in Marketing and sales and a Google Certified Professional in Online Marketing. He is also certified in Hardware Network Engineering & CCNA from RED-HAT having an experience of over 14 years in several industries like Media and entertainment, Education, Real Estate, and Manufacturing. He also acquired a good hold and recommendations across India. He is an experienced and client-recommended Digital Marketing Consultant with nearly a decade’s expertise in Digital Marketing, SEO, PPC (pay-per-click), Google Local Search, Social Media Advertising, and Content Development.

Bhavitra Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Bhavitra Technologies, an ISO 9001:2015 certified futuristic technology firm offers total digital solutions for a global clientele at affordable rates. Our 100+ team of expert IT professionals comprises developers, graphic designers, digital marketers, business analysts, and project managers. Our core expertise lies in offering Website Development, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing Services, and Corporate Branding Solutions to a wide variety of business verticals namely, e-commerce, Healthcare, Real Estate, Hospitality, Education, Manufacturing, Travel & Tourism, Finance & Banking, Transportation, Logistics and more.

Next Screen Infotech

Next Screen Infotech, founded in 2010, is India’s leading digital marketing company, and offers an extensive range of digital marketing services, starting from logo design to web development. Our out-of-the-box solutions make us your most reliable IT partner in the industry.

Our sole goal has been to deliver state-of-the-art digital solutions for our clients while staying within their budget. We continue to exceed the precision bar with our outstanding client services and aspire to be one of the most-known names in the world.


We are a group of digital marketing experts under the same roof. Creative in thought, technical in analysis, strategic in approach and specialized in digital marketing, the CENITPRO team is a team of thinkers, doers and achievers. We work together as well as individually. We have our individual thoughts, ideas and strategies which create a thing of beauty and joy, when combined harmoniously and implemented meticulously. We proudly claim to be high on creativity and technology – the key to our success as well as accomplishment. At CENITPRO, the designers are on an exploration drive toward their creative selves; the developers are armed with the latest tools; the branding experts are busy making strategists; the digital marketers are all in the game to achieve the most for you.


Starting off with only web designing services, Mr. Subhendu Kr. Das grabbed the attention of the local market which gave him the confidence to progress further. He gradually started catering to various corners of India and built a potential customer base. Today, he has reached the zenith of success owing to his global presence by offering the most creative website marketing strategies. Apart from owning SKD E-Marketing Solutions, he has spread his wide range of services to various countries like the USA, Thailand, Australia, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia.

 Skyram Technologies

Skyram Technologies is one stop web design and development company based in Kolkata(Calcutta), India. Designing with care and devotion is our prime motivation. We serve business globally. We have satisfied customers in India, USA, Australia, Canada, South Africa, United Kingdom & UAE.

Kreative Machinez

Kreative Machines has completed 724+ projects with 637+ happy clients so far. As the name suggests, they are a team of creative individuals that work like well-oiled machines day in and out to provide the best experience to their clients. They specialise in intensive research procedures and implementation of the best tools to make the brands visible online.

They provide services from SEO to content marketing, web development and design, online reputation management and many more.


In the vast digital landscape where online presence can make or break a business, the significance of SEO agencies cannot be emphasized enough. Kolkata, with its vibrant spirit and rich cultural heritage, houses a myriad of top-tier SEO agencies. These agencies boast the expertise and experience needed to optimize websites, drive organic traffic, and elevate online visibility.

As we wrap up our exploration of the top 10 SEO companies in Kolkata, it’s clear that businesses in this city have access to a diverse array of professionals committed to helping them thrive in the digital realm.

Whether it’s improving search engine rankings, implementing effective strategies, or staying ahead of the competition, these agencies are well-equipped to deliver tangible results. So, if you’re looking to flourish in the online domain, Kolkata’s SEO agencies are ready to be your strategic partners. Embrace the power of optimization and unlock the immense potential awaiting you in the digital world, right here in the City of Joy.

SK Web World.IN

SK Web World.IN is a web design & SEO company. We offer the best of the digital marketing services to our clients all over West Bengal in the form of web designing, content development, and graphic designing, etc.

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