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Google Announces- Five New Changes Coming To Mobile Search

Mobile search has always been an important factor for the SEO. But Google has announced more updates about it and now you must work accordingly. These updates will soon be implemented. Hopefully, they will help the users with a more polished search experience over the most popular search engine Google. 

Here you will learn about these changes and will know about some important details about them.

1 . Update on Mobile search

Typing of queries has always been a tough task while you are engaged with different activities. So, this feature has been updated.  Instead, typing and entering the question, there are several ways now to search on Google. 

You may use Google Lens to translate text, upload screenshots to identify products, and simply search for music by humming into the microphone. Users now find it much easier to find such useful, relevant connections.

And all these things are done to get the user the appropriate information over the search engine. Best SEO company in Alipurduar has found this new feature to be quite helpful for every type of businesses.

2. Direct links instead of search bar

Want the weather report or the latest news? The direct link is by the side of the search bar. By eliminating the need for an extra step of navigating through search results, this shortcut saves time. The mobile search bar will now present a range of additional recommendations in response to a query, providing more targeted results. 

Users may easily obtain the content they want, increasing productivity and offering a clear path to their final objective.

3. Shortcuts to Google

Google Shortcuts Expansion provides instant access to particular functions, hence optimizing the user experience. Now, users can go straight to the tasks they want to perform, including checking emails, scheduling events, or viewing documents. This improvement eliminates the need for numerous clicks or searches during routine exchanges. 

Google wants to improve productivity and make its platform more user-friendly by adding more shortcut options, which would allow it to easily accommodate a wide range of user needs.

4. Google Web Stories

Web Stories appeal to visitors who are looking for quick answers or amusement since they combine clear text with images to promote quick comprehension. This arrangement is consistent with Google’s goal of improving the accessibility and speed of information retrieval in search results. 

These attractive, captivating stories may be found in a special part of search results, providing visitors with an expedited means of finding pertinent content.

5. Google visual searches with suggestions

With Google’s most recent upgrade, mobile search results pages have an endless scrolling layout. Users may now search on their mobile device without having to flip between pages thanks to this endless list of results. 

Users can more easily and uninterruptedly browse a wider variety of results when scrolling smoothly, making the search process more user-friendly and efficient. This modification is in line with Google’s dedication to maximizing efficiency and accessibility, guaranteeing that users can easily and quickly locate the information they need.


Updates that provide smooth navigation, such as endless scrolling in Google search on mobile devices, are intended to improve user experience. These upgrades have an emphasis on convenience and efficiency because a sizable amount of internet traffic is generated by mobile users. Multiple clicks are eliminated with endless scrolling, resulting in a constant flow of information. This coincides with the increased desire for quick access to relevant content on smaller screens. These upgrades demonstrate Google’s dedication to modifying search parameters in response to changing user needs and preferences, improving information retrieval on mobile devices.


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