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How Targeting Low Search Volume Keywords Can Boost Your SEO Strategy

When performing keyword research, you may come across a keyword with no monthly searches. Though you feel no one is looking for that particular word, you shouldn’t use it. You are not the only one who has made this blunder. Most people, like you, have this question during keyword research, “Is there a need to target with low search volume keywords?”

To clarify the doubt, in this post, we are going to discuss the benefits of targeting keywords with low search traffic. So keep reading to learn more.

Keywords With Low Search Volume

Keywords without a search volume have no visible search history. These are extremely specific, precise, and unique long-tail queries. There is practically no competition for these keywords. The majority of zero-search keywords have four or more words in the query text.

Let us use an example to clarify this concept.

Think about a keyword with a high search volume, such as SEO service in Serampore. This keyword receives more than a hundred queries every year, making it a popular search term. Now, if you add a few extra phrases, “SEO service in Serampore for the automobile industry,” you limit the scope of your search query. As a result, the competition and search volume for the second term becomes lower than the first keyword, making it a low search volume keyword.

Benefits Of Targeting Zero Search Volume Keywords

  • Low Competition Levels  – Keywords with zero search traffic usually have low levels of competition. They provide sufficient opportunities for businesses to target subjects that are extremely relevant to their audience but are not being followed by competitors.
  • Highly Relevant –  Low-volume keywords are typically long-tail keywords that are particularly relevant to the target audience, which indicates more people who are interested in the product or service will visit the website to learn more.
  • Boost SEO Strategy – These keywords help a company’s SEO strategy. Content can rank for many low-volume keywords at the same time, which helps in improving a website’s traffic growth.
  • Higher Commercial Goals  – Low-volume keywords have a more commercial impact, allowing businesses to make a profit from specific “buying” terms that are more prone to attract clients who are ready to buy any service or product instantly. 
  • Generate A Lot Of Search Interest –  While utilizing simply one low-volume keyword may appear to be minor, utilizing a few of these keywords may create significant search curiosity.
  • Offer A Great ROI – Keywords with low search traffic can increase conversions, thereby lowering the expense of the content. Many organizations that employ zero search volume keywords correctly can observe a positive return on investment.
  • Lower Bounce Rate – Websites expecting more traffic may benefit from using zero and low-search volume keywords, particularly long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords can help to reduce bounce rates and enhance visitors’ spending time on a page.

How To Target Keywords With Low Search Volume

  • Find Keywords That Are Seem To Be Successful – Businesses may effectively rank on low search traffic keywords without any effort. With these sorts of keywords, one conversion is likely to be enough to recover the cost of content writing and optimization.
  • Locate Keywords That Are Highly Relevant To Your Audience – Zero search volume keywords are usually not worth the expense of targeting visitors who are unable to convert. Thus, analyze the business’s potential for new clients while selecting keywords. Independent service providers and small company owners may only have the capacity to take on a few new clients every month. As a consequence, these companies may reap advantages from focusing on a smaller but more easily available audience.
  • Focus on ‘Buying’ Keywords To Attract Users “ Ready To Buy” – Most businesses concentrate their efforts on locating keywords related to their target audience. Companies should preferably go a step further and do keyword research to attract visitors who are ready to buy. This may be accomplished by focusing on zero search volume phrases that are related to purchase desire. ‘Buying’ searches usually include keywords like “best deals for…”, “where to buy…”, and “best product…” etc. These types of searches often indicate to companies that customers just want to select the best option available and complete their orders. Businesses may typically grab such kinds of traffic by posting exceptional content while incorporating zero search volume keywords. Always keep in mind to target commercial keywords that include the brand name or brands of the products or services, since these phrases are highly specific.
  • Use A Variety Of Zero Search Volume Keywords In a Piece of Content – Keywords with no search volume result in less website traffic. As a result, businesses must employ a wide range of zero or low-search traffic phrases inside a single piece of content. Incorporating many variations of a usual keyword can help businesses maximize their organic traffic potential. It should be noted that a well-known keyword receives hundreds of searches per month does not mean that its capacity for generating organic traffic cannot be increased. Using variations of the main keyword may significantly increase the number of visitors to a website.
  • Observe Keywords To Understand Whether They Are “Highly Converting” – It might be difficult to forecast if a phrase will be “highly converting” or fail to provide results. A common procedure for determining whether a keyword is “highly converting” is to test it with pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements. Begin by selecting a product or service that draws the greatest interest among the potential clients, and then look for the zero search volume phrase that most effectively complements the product or offer. Following that, launch a low-budget advertising campaign on the website’s landing page to observe how many people converted relying on the specified keyword.

Final Thoughts 

As the digital world expands, we need to find new ways to communicate with people. Thus, rather than neglecting keywords with a few searches, strive to use them based on uncommon customer requirements to grab their attention quickly and easily.

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